Posted by: pdgaikwad | July 29, 2007

My first blog ever!

Now lets try this out! 😉

Posted by: pdgaikwad | July 29, 2007

Hello world!

Think about present dont think about past
and future, thinking about past we waiste our
present time and nothing we can do past is past. same thing dont think about future
that we dont no and dont waiste time
we waiste our valuble time in thinking past
and future better think about present what
we can do better for self and for others.

 → → →

We must enjoy every movement of our life.
we came in this world for keep ur self happhy
keep others happy. life is short we have go
back . We came empty hand we are going
empty hand so not to worry about any thing.

 → → →

Dhan jo kamao jo awinashi ho
Pyar jo pao kabhi bhule nahi
Ijjat jo kamao jo jaye nahi